Mission Projects / Needs

Camp Agape Mission Projects/ Needs


(Updated 9/25/2017)


This is a list of things that are needed at the camp.

The needs are not in any priority order. Hopefully this listing will provide information to individuals and groups who wish to volunteer at the camp. The list will be updated as new needs are recognized. Once a need is addressed it will be removed.


The greatest need is for volunteers to work a few hours each week during the summer months. There is a special need for maintenance workers and kitchen help during lunch and dinner and cleanup following the noon and evening meals.



Adopt A Cabin

A church would adopt a cabin for a specified period of time. The church would maintain the cabin for that time period. The cabins are First Baptist, Shiloh, Cedar Springs, Oak Grove, and Zion cabins. Adoption would involve:

-Periodic inspection of cabin and grounds

-Clean, repair and maintain the cabin

-Painting window frames

-Painting walls and floors

-Maintain blinds, curtains, and bunk beds

-Provide cleaning supplies, broom, mop, etc.

-Maintain flower beds and shrubs

Specific Needs for Individual Cabins are listed below.

Zion Cabin

This cabin needs:

– bathroom addition and a sewer system.

– heat pump heating/cooling system

– new tile floor

– new bunk beds and mattresses


Shiloh Cabin

This cabin needs:

-bathroom addition and sewer system

-a heat pump heating/cooling system

-new tile floor

-new mattresses for bunk beds

Oak Grove Cabin

This Cabin needs:

-addition of tile to small section of tile floor (materials available)

-Seal (caulk) where floor meets wall

-new hot water heater and enclose/hide heater


Cedar Springs Cabin

This cabin needs:

-Seal outside space between house and chimney

-Seal (caulk) where floor meets inside wall

-Finish air conditioning ducts

-Enclose hot water heater


First Baptist Cabin

-Replace miss-matched sinks

-Replace utility room door

-Install new exit door and frame

-Rework kitchen cabinet in commons room

-Eliminate water leak on front porch

-Clear undergrowth from road to front porch

-install gas logs in fireplace


Dormitory Building needs are:

-Aluminum wrap windows

-Install outside door thresholds

-replace window screens

-Paint all outside doors

-Tile floors in bedrooms

-Add benches to shower stalls

-Add privacy curtains/partitions to women’s shower units

– Add six bunk beds


Main Kitchen and Dining Facility

-Purchase new upright freezer

-Repair heat and refrigeration in serving table (or replace entire unit)

-Replace acrylic shield in serving table

-Repair/replace lakeside dining room door closure

-Paint interior walls and add baffles for sound control

-Paint bathroom walls, ceilings, and stalls

-Repair rock wall outside dining Hall.

-Replace downspout gutter on dining Hall.

-Purchase two swings or benches for sides of porch

-Add shrubs to area next to back kitchen door and road side.

-Strengthen table to stabilize commercial can opener


Laundry Room

-Repair or purchase coin-operated dryer

-Rework sewer drain by increasing the diameter of pipe from laundry room to tank


Hammons Hall

-backfill behind retainer wall on side of building

-Clean and paint windows

-Replace island in dining area

-Purchase Stainless table for dining area (30” X 48”)

-Paint kitchen ceiling, walls and doors

-Seal creosote indoor support posts


Athletic Field

-Build wire or electric fence to keep animals off field

-Reseed field, fertilize and mow on regular schedule

-Repair/purchase soccer goals and replace nets

-Clear brush for fence

-Repair wooden fence

-Purchase and install goal post pads (4 pads)

-Add a baseball/softball field in northwest corner

-Add a concrete basketball court and basketball goals on west side of field


Disc Golf Course

-use router to engrave hole information on nine 4 X 4 posts

-install one 4 X 4 sign post at each of the 9 holes

-replace landscape timbers and mulch each T box

-paint disc baskets


Lake Storage Building

-Repair existing canoes

-Purchase 5 fiberglass or alumnium canoes

-Repair plumbing for outside showers

-Purchase and install floating swimming platform

-Purchase new floating rope and buoys to mark swimming area

-clean lake bottom in swimming area

-Add 24 cubic yards washed beach sand



The Rock

-Restore side skirting around the building (Crawl space),

-Repair/replace lathe stripping on outside walls

-Seal attic and replace vinyl siding where missing

-Paint interior bathroom walls and floors

-Check, repair, replace folding chairs

-Add chat or concrete area under canopy.

-Repair metal roof

-Install sides on upper canopy to reduce blowing rain

-Add 24 new folding chairs

-Install blinds and curtains in bathrooms

RV Park and Shop Area

-Replace railroad ties at perimeter of sites

-Install vertical roof supports for RV shed.

-Construct lattice wall around storage area

-Replace/secure vinyl siding on white house

-Add gravel and level parking sites

-Landscape hillside to divert water away from roadway

-Organize north side of storage building and dispose of old appliances, etc.



-Organize tools

-Purchase battery charger , drill, bits, and wrenches.

-Replace vertical posts and repair metal roof on shed north of shop

Tent Camping area

–Clean off and level camp sites

-Use decking to make a tent platform at each tent camp site

-Add new camp sites and/or pull through rv sites near the Rock

-Consider repair and future use of climbing tower)

-Clean up around Climbing tower and post “keep out” signs

-Repair and open Climbing tower with new management plan

-Post directional road signs near Hammon’s Hall


Jubilee Field Recreation Area


-add new playground equipment

-Improve outdoor stage lighting and electrical service

-add water service to corner of stage


Bath House

-tile floors in shower stalls

-add bench in shower stalls

-repair/replace windows and screens

-Repair and paint outside doors and screen doors



-Clear brush and make a rock garden north of the lake

-Clear brush to provide access sites around edge of lake

-Install cable guard rail at upper end of lake to prevent motorized access from power-line right-of-way

-Remove brush and weed-eat backside of Lake Dam (once each summer)

-Consider adding a slip and slide into the lake



-Relocate front entrance gate

-Install Keypad controlled gate

-Distribute mulch on footpaths

-Finish mapping trails and improve trails

-Clean borrow ditches and improve drainage along roadways

-Construct a small woodshed near the fire pit.

-Add chat rock to picnic area between Cedar Springs and Oak Grove Cabins

-Remove brush and undergrowth along stream between Calvary Hill and Jericho worship centers

-Control fire ants in all areas

-Install culverts, deepen drainage ditches on sides of roadways, and grade roads. Add crushed rock where needed

-Improve hiking trails by cutting overhanging limbs, raking, and marking directions, etc. Mulch where needed

-Replace drinking water fountain at Faith Point

-Refurbish sewer pump control center near dormitory

-Suggest adding a sewer dump site at edge of parking area near Welcome Center



Welcome Center/Office

-Continue to upgrade the camp Website.

-Purchase paper shredder

– install security cameras








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